Friday, 22 June 2012

Plastic Business Cards Manufacturing:

Plastic business cards these days are themes of the day when it comes to presentable, smart cards for various usages from social greetings to business relation to replace paper money use to identification marking for security etc. Plastic business cards fast took the place of paper cards for its style statement and more essentially longevity. The longer life of the plastic cards also made it multipurpose on one hand and reusable on the other hand. Plastic business cards these days are made out of bio degradable materials these days, such as PVC. They last between nine months and five years. Besides being recyclable, the cards are also given standard limited shelf life.

The manufacturing of the cards has got a particular procedure. The plastic business cards are made of several layers of plastic sheets melted and laminated together. These laminated material get adhere to the core when applied with pressure and heat. The laminate films used to coat the core stock are made by a similar extrusion process. 


  1. Most of the people like to use the plastic business cards and i appreciate your idea. Thanks for sharing.